Information and advice about all forms of plastic and composite decking boards and materials.

This site is for guidance on the types of plastic decking and composite decking that is commercially available. If there is any specific advice you would like, then please use our decking helpline and we will try to advise you or at least point you in the right direction.  You can search this site from the search box or go straight to our sitemap. Please do this before asking advice about plastic or composite decking.

Plastic and composite decking is well established in the USA, but not so in the UK and Northern Europe yet. There is an inbuilt price barrier for use of plastic and composite deck materials in the UK for domestic, but that will probably subside as competition warms up!

It would be wise for traditional timber decking companies not to ignore the impact that Plastic decking will have over the next few years. Once the price difference narrows a little more - and with some timber prices rising by around 30% p.a. it won't be long - then the full advantages of using recycled plastic decking will start to become more obvious. Decking companies  cannot always hide behind the 'too expensive' shield for too much longer!

Three Composite decks with Timbertech Boards - Not Hardwood!

Twinson Decking and Cladding System at a recent exhibition.